Shropshire couple make “the best move” into a brand new Redrow home

Posted 12 February 2016 by Keith Osborne

An uncluttered, maintenance-free new build home has replaced a crowded old apartment for Andy Overton and Aleks Psiurska...

Redrow’s new contemporary range of house designs really made a mark on Andy Overton and Aleks Psiurska, who have called their purchase of a brand new three-bedroom home in Leegomery “the best move we could have made”.

It was the extra space that really appealed to the couple about the three-storey Abode 138 house they bought, as they has run out of room at their old apartment. Their new home has an open-plan lounge on the first floor with the en suite master bedroom, underfloor heating  and lots of discreet storage, leading to an uncluttered look                    

Andy explains: “We had been living in a two-bedroom upper floor apartment with no outside space. We’d both accumulated lots of possessions and had no space to store everything.” Aleks adds: “The flat was quite small and so we needed more space and somewhere that we would both be happy with.”

The couple has actually already reserved a property from another housebuilder before visiting the Abode Leegomery show homes more out of curiosity than any intention to buy. But circumstances led to the other property falling through, so they were able to return to the Redrow site to reserve the property they wanted there.

“It was the best move we could have made and if we hadn’t we would have regretted it for years,” Andy says. “We didn’t want anything flamboyant or old-fashioned, so the fresh look of Abode with the brick finish and grey roof was perfect.

“The ground floor is open-plan with a large kitchen area, including an island that separates it from the dining and family area. It really suits us as there’s easy access out to the garden and lots of natural light.” Alex adds: “I love cooking so the most important part of the house for me is the kitchen, which is well equipped with integrated appliances.”

The maintenance-free advantage of buying new build also appealed to the couple, as did having a ‘blank canvas’ on which to stamp their mark. “With a new build you have the reassurance of a 10 year warranty from the NHBC whereas with an older property you can have problems with maintenance and having to make improvements,” Andy explains. Aleks adds: “There’s no-one else’s touché,s only ours. We were able to walk in and put our character into the home rather than having to adapt from someone else’s choices.”

Properties currently available at Abode Leegomery include two- and three-bedroom homes priced from £144,995. The show homes are open daily from 10am to 5.30pm.

Find out more about Abode Leegomery from Redrow Homes.

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