Couple find an unexpected investment property at Froyle Park, Hampshire

Posted 22 March 2016 by Keith Osborne

An impulsive visit to the show home of a local development quickly leads to a cherished buy-to-let apartment for a couple in East Hampshire...

For some, the choice of a buy-to-let property might be the result of an arduous research process, weighing up pros and cons and calculating numbers before plumping for the most promising candidate. But not for John and Teresa Frost!

Though the couple had been following progress on Linden Homes’ Froyle Park development for some time, they hadn’t considered taking a look until Teresa’s sudden impulse to go in and see the show home first-hand.

From there, it wasn’t long before the couple were jumping into ownership of a one-bedroom apartment at the scheme, located in the village of Upper Froyle, just a few miles north-east of Alton.

“She happened to pop in one day for a nosy around,” explains retiree John, “and from the moment she found the show home she was hooked! It’s not hard to see why, the show homes at Froyle Park are so beautifully dressed. In fact, she loves it so much it’s almost become a weekly visit for us – she just can’t stay away! After the first look round we did a little more investigating and decided it would be the perfect place to invest.”

Froyle Park The area doesn’t have any comparable new developments under way, and Linden Homes reports a healthy interest from investors in the range of properties available at Froyle Park.

“[The development] and the surrounding areas are beautiful, it’s easy to see why people would want to live here. Upper Froyle is a lovely part of the world and I would encourage others to take a look. As it happens, it’s so lovely that my wife and I are looking to move here ourselves!” adds John.

“Because of the enviable location and the quality of the homes, it wasn’t difficult to find a tenant,” he says. “In fact, we already had someone lined-up before we’d even completed on the property. The thing about the homes at Froyle Park is the quality and I really believe that high-quality homes attract high-quality tenants.

“I wanted a professional and someone who would look after the property and that’s exactly what I found – it was a piece of cake really. I think the location is very appealing to a lot of people.”

The development is just a short stroll from the local pub and a cycle-ride away from picturesque Alton, a market town with a vibrant mix of cafés, shops and restaurants on offer. The village is also well connected to London (via A3 and M3 and Alton’s station) and via road to Guildford, Farnham, Aldershot and Winchester.

Susan Whiting, marketing manager at Linden Homes South, is not surprised about the Frosts' reaction to their visit to the Froyle Park show home: “It’s great to hear that Mr Frost was so taken with the development that he has decided to look for a home for himself here. For people seeking a smart investment, Froyle Park is the ideal location. Nearly 15% of the properties have sold to investors to date and with a selection of apartments and houses still available, I’d advise anyone interested to come down and find out more.”

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