New Homes Week – Sound finance the key to finding your dream home 

Posted 20 May 2016 by Keith Osborne

Use our large collection of expert articles to ensure that whatever stage you are at in the homebuying process, your finances are on the right footing...

While we may all dream about the idyllic move to a perfect new home, we all know that at the heart of the transaction are the distinctly unglamorous finances, and that the secret to making the perfect move is to have all the money issues planned properly before taking the plunge.

As New Homes Week approaches its climax, the WhatHouse? team has put its heads together to find ten of our favourite finance-related articles from our extensive collection of tips, advice and guides.

Our selection covers a whole range of circumstances, so if you’re saving for your first home, taking on the role of ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’, rethinking your current mortgage, making the most of the equity in your home, looking to sell to secure a better home, starting a property portfolio or treating yourself to a holiday home, we’ve got plenty of sound advice for you.

New Homes Week finishes this Sunday but you can check out our compendium of Know-How at any time.

Piggy bank

Saving for a deposit - what are the best ways to build up your funds?

Calculator and home

Help to Save Q&A - maximising the effect of your hard-earned savings

House and coins

What is the new Help to Buy ISA and how will it benefit you?

Mother and daughter

Help your kids get on the property ladder


The pros and cons of a long-term fixed-rate mortgage

Home and coins

Should homeowners pay off their mortgage early?

House and money

Repaying your Help to Buy equity loan

Estate agents' signs

Achieving your selling price

Frazer Faernhead

How crowdfunding has democratised property investment

Holiday home


Kate Faulkner - Impact of an extra 3% stamp duty on holiday homes

30 September 2016
Don't be too disheartened by dramatic newspaper headlines - only one part of Help to Buy is coming to an end, and at exactly the time it was plan...Read more
18 May 2016
With the EU referendum just weeks away, uncertainty about Britain's future in Europe has had an effect on the country's mortgage market...Read more
Mortgages & Homes
31 March 2015
One of the key policy announcements of the recent Budget was the launch of a Help to Buy ISA. Under the scheme announced by George Osborne, first...Read more

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