#InstaFamous home? What's the verdict on Instagramming your property photos?

Posted 1 February 2016 by Helen Christie

Despite being the world’s most popular image-sharing app, Instagram has not yet truly taken off in the property world...

We’ve all done it, we spend ages deciding on the perfect filter for that photo for Instagram in the hope of making it look as good as it can do, but is that the best way to showcase everything?

Online estate agent House Network carried out a blind test to see if property listings would appeal more to buyers on Instagram.

Mark Readings, CEO and co-founder of House Network, says: “With its photo-editing capabilities and overall emphasis on being visual, providing the editing and filters weren’t overdone to the extent the property was misrepresented, there’s an argument to be made that Instagram lends itself to showing off houses for sale more than any other social platform.

House Network applied filters to five of the images​“We decided to find out if that was the case, so we asked the experts – people who are not only followed by thousands but also know their Mayfairs from their X-Pro IIs.”

House Network selected three listings, and used the external shot of each of these properties. They showed six versions of each photo to a panel of some of the UK’s top Instagram bloggers (who boast a six-figure following between them). One image was un-edited, and the other five had a selection of Instagram’s most-used filters applied to them, and the panel were not told which was the original and which had filters applied.

The #NoFilter image of a detached house was overwhelmingly selected as the most appealing image.

Alina Ghost, interior design blogger at The Fairytale Pretty Picture (@alinaisaev00), said: “I really like that the photo is clear and that you can see the smallest detail, plus it shows off that great garden.” 

Alice Spake (@alicespake) said she selected the image as “it was the clearest, brightest image. The contrast between the sky and the grass draws attention to the property.”

The Instagram filters came out on top in the other listings, with the unfiltered image coming second to the Valencia filter for the semi-detached home, and the Rise filter proved most popular for the terraced house image.

Mark Readings says:  “Being an online estate agent we’re always looking for different ways to help our customers sell their homes online, however if even the most ardent Instagrammers admit they prefer the original photos then I think it’s safe to say Instagram is not going to make a big difference to the sale of your home. Flat-lays yes, flats not so much.”

Images from left to right: Mayfair, Valencia, Rise, Amaro, original photo, Nashville

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