How to create a buying mood

Posted 9 September 2015 by Keith Osborne

Our guide to making your home attractive to prospective buyers

Major supermarkets spend millions of pounds researching what kind of environmental stimuli make us spend more and also what makes us less likely to feel relaxed enough to part with money.

A house is likely to be the single biggest purchase a person will ever make, so it is likely that there will be all manner of worries, doubts, second thoughts and hesitation that enters into a buyer's thinking as they weigh up whether the purchase is actually worth it. If you follow some of the tips that have been devised by the retail industry to keep shoppers spending, you will find it easier to bring about that buying mood. 

There seems to be a correlation between shops with narrow aisles full of clutter and shops that go bust. Big fashion stores understand that less is more. If you have a cluttered home you will make house-hunters feel stressed and uncomfortable in your property, they will have a mounting sense of anxiety at the mess they see before them.

Homebuyers will not rationalise that once they own the house, the mess will leave along with you; they won't do this because house buying is only partly a rational process, and buyers will associate the house with feelings of discomfort.

Most of the shops we like to linger in are softly lit or uplit and the same should go for the main living areas of your home. Lighting can completely change the ambience of a room, but make sure that enough of the house is adequately lit as darkness becomes associated with uncleanliness in the eyes of the house viewer.

To some extent, the house-hunter is buying you: they will make a connection between the person they meet and the property they see. It goes without saying that off-hand, grumpy or rude house sellers seldom do much business.

The more common problem that arises, especially when people are cutting out the estate agency and doing their own house sale, is over-enthusiastic selling.

A house-hunter does not wished to be confronted with a used car salesman - they want to meet genuine people who they can see some kind of similarity with, so by being your natural charming self you can build that selling rapport.


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