A smart way to sell your home: the top technology to appeal to homebuyers

Posted 19 November 2015 by Keith Osborne

High-specification new homes are putting pressure on homeowners to upgrade their property to appeal to tech-savvy buyers...

A new report reveals the extent to which the array of smart technology available to homeowners today most appeals to buyers, when they come to sell their home.

With the specification of new homes increasingly including more of the latest technology, from audiovisual cabling to solar panels on the roof and smartphone controlled heating and lighting, the pressure is on homeowners to make their property as appealing as possible to homebuyers.

The Digital Homes Report from Barclays Mortgages, conducted by YouGov among over 2,700 homeowners, has revealed that 30% believe installing technology in their home will increase its value, and that a home equipped with the very latest tech could command thousands of pounds as a premium over a property that didn’t have the gadgetry installed. In fact, 41% of those questioned already had some form of smart technology installed in their current property.

The report also found homeowners are very practical when it comes to investing in technology, preferring to choose improvements to the home’s infrastructure, such as USB connections in different rooms (36%) or super-fast broadband (51%), and devices that save money, such as smart meters (35%) and solar panels (27%).

Although it might seem like something for the future, the survey has revealed that almost half of UK homeowners (41 per cent) already have some form of connected technology in their property. The most popular of these comes in the form of fibre optic cabling, allowing for super-fast internet, with a quarter (26 per cent) of respondents already having this installed in their home.

Solar panels on roofThe technology items that those surveyed for the Digital Homes Report were most willing to pay extra for are:

  • Solar panels (31%)
  • Fibre optic cabling (21%
  • A smart security alarm (19%)
  • Sensor technology (16%)
  • A smart thermostat (15%)

Southampton is the most tech-savvy city in the survey, with well over half (58%) of homeowners having one or more forms of connected technology already present in their home, with Cardiff at the other end of the spectrum (33%). The people of York are the ones willing to spend the most for technology, while those in Leeds are least inclined to pay extra.

Property expert and television presenter Amanda Lamb says: “It’s really fascinating to see from the Barclays Mortgages Digital Homes Report, how people’s attitudes to connected technology are changing and adapting in the modern world. 

“In my years of dealing with the UK property market, I’ve seen plenty of trends come and go however, digital homes are really here to stay and this space is something I see really growing over the next three to five years.

“Whilst it will take time for it to be widely adopted by the general public, I see technology integrated in the home being a real incentive for homebuyers, so would encourage homeowners to start thinking about what they can do to future-proof their home.”

Barclays digital home infographic

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