Lib Dems vow to build 300,000 new homes a year

Posted 14 October 2014

A Liberal Democrat government would help to tackle the existing housing crisis by building in the region of 300,000 new homes annually, the party has announced.

The business secretary, Vince Cable (pictured, third from left), said it was a ‘cliché’ to rely on brownfield land in order to build new developments and insisted that there must be a focus on using up agricultural land in order to boost the supply of much needed new homes, including affordable housing.

“Most people do want green, they want green but they would rather have it outside their own house than sitting 20 miles away where they have no access to it,” he said.

The Lib Dems want to see more powers handed to central government to increase new development rather than leave it to regional authorities, some of which have adopted a ‘not in my backyard’ (NIMBY) attitude to housebuilidng in their local area. 

The leader of the party and deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, sees the creation of garden cities as key to helping a Liberal Democrat government significantly boost the supply of new homes in order to meet its ambitious target of 300,000 properties a year.

Brian Berry, chief executive of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), like many housing experts, has welcomed the Lib Dems’ proposal to increase new housing output, but insists that the target is only achievable if more is done to help small and medium-sized housebuilders access “small sites and improved access to finance”. 


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