Going, going, gone: six selling tips and tricks

Posted 17 September 2013

Thinking about selling your home but not sure where to start? Wanting to get the price you deserve but don't know how to put your best foot forward? Selling your home can be both an expensive and time-consuming exercise, which unfortunately doesn't always guarantee a sale.

Your home will most likely be the most valuable possession you will ever own, so naturally approaching the sale process with a great deal of consideration will keep things running as smoothly as possible. Here's what you can do to make your home stand out from the others, maximising your chances of securing a sale.

1. Find the right estate agent

Whether you achieve a quick sale or not, chances are if you choose to use an estate agent you will end up spending a large amount of your time in negotiations. With this is mind, find an agent who you not only get on with, but has experience in successfully selling properties similar to yours. Most of all, make sure that they are enthusiastic about your home.

It may be worth getting a couple of valuations to not only satisfy your curiosity on pricing but to get a feel for the people who will be involved in selling your home.

2. Think about your figures

If a number of valuations have left you with varying price tags to consider, it can be tempting to go with the highest figure. In today's volatile housing market, prospective homebuyers may actually be put off by a high price and look elsewhere for a more "value-for-money" alternative. What's more, starting low may actually pay off in the long run. A lower price tag may attract added interest with the prospect of competitive bidding more likely to occur.

3. Consider your décor

You may love your vibrant and unique interiors but they may not be to everyone's taste. Homebuyers like to be able to visualise themselves in a new home, or imagine what they would do to put their own stamp on things. Give your walls a lick of paint in neutral colours, breathe new life into the front door with a new colour, re-tile or re-grout a bathroom to look cleaner and fresher and try placing some flowers around the home for a liveable finishing touch.

4. Less is more

If you know there will be a serious of regular viewings, keep on top of dishes or washing and put anything that you aren't using on a day-to-day basis out of sight. Buyers will be more inclined to think that the home is functional and practical and it will create the illusion of space. Putting furniture into storage will help make the property look more spacious than it really is. Also keep personal items and photographs at a minimum.

5. First impressions count

You may be placing all your efforts into the interiors of your home, so don't forget about the exteriors and garden. Prospective buyers will make decisions within seconds of entering a home, so create one that lasts. Plant flowers, mow the lawn, remove any weeds and put down a new mat for a welcoming impression.

6. Make improvements

It may be tempting to inform any viewers about your property and try to upsell your home, but your presence could actually be putting buyers off. People may feel like they are imposing and may not feel comfortable discussing the property in your presence. Leave this to the estate agents, who will show viewers around as part of their service. Go take the dog for the walk or do the shopping and allow decisions to be made.

The estate agent should provide feedback on why your home wasn't chosen over a similar property. Ask them for their reasons and make improvements.

Consider these tips when taking your property to market, and see how irresistible and marketable your home can quickly become.



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