MPs announce inquiry into the future of housing associations

Posted 29 July 2015 by Stephen Maunder

The Communities and Local Government (CLG) Committee is to begin an inquiry into the future of housing associations, investigating the viability and sustainability of the sector.

The inquiry is set to pay particular attention to the Right to Buy scheme, and how this and other recently-announced measures may impact on the ability of housing associations to build and develop.

Clive Betts MP, chair of the CLG Committee, said: “Providing people with a roof over their heads and ensuring more homes are built are central to our nation’s future. Uncertainty around the extension of the Right to Buy scheme and issues arising from the impact of welfare reforms and from changes announced in the Budget raise real questions about the future sustainability of housing associations.

"Our inquiry will examine the effect on housing associations, and particularly their ability to house their tenants and invest in building new homes, of government policies, including the extension of Right to Buy and the reduction in rental income announced in the Budget."

Evidence is being sought on a range of topics including the specifics of the Right to Buy policy, such as the type and quality of housing stock covered, the distribution of properties covered by the scheme, the effect on the availability of affordable homes and the ability of those eligible to buy their own homes.

The announcements in the recent Budget will also come under the spotlight, with questions raised over the effect of rent caps and housing benefit changes.


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