Gadgets and gizmos for the home

Posted 3 May 2016 by Richenda Oldham

WhatHouse? goes in search of the coolest gadgets for the home...

It's always fun finding new gadgets for the home, so WhatHouse? has put together a selection of some of our favourites.


1. Relax in the lap of luxury and watch your favourite TV programmes while lying in the bath, Ultrathin LG panel TV, £995,

2. Have a barbie on the go with this portable BBQ grill briefcase, £97.50,

3. Shiver me timbers Jim lad, this pirate style bottle opener may not have a leg to stand on but it can pull corks, cut foil and open beer bottles, £8.95,

4. Unleash your artistic ambitions on this cool iPad doodle case. It features a graph paper design on one side and file paper on the other and comes with its own pens, £12,

5. The Espace 900 is a walk-in wine cellar that can hold a staggering 990 bottles of wine and is suitable for use in a weatherproof environment such as a garage or outhouse, £7,899,




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