Bringing the outdoors into your kid's bedroom

Posted 3 February 2016 by Helen Christie

Every parent wants to create a fun, stimulating haven for their children, and there are so many ways to do this.

Think of what your kids love doing most. Remember that their tastes will change regularly, so maybe come up with a theme – do they love animals, or being outdoors? Do they aspire to be an astronaut or an artist?

For the animal lovers, there are plenty of cute, quirky accessories and storage solutions you can place around the room. Animal patterned baskets or storage bags not only look cute, but they are ideal for storing toys - you're never to young to help tidy up!

An accent wall is always a great feature to have, and gives you the chance to get creative. You could use beautiful wallpaper covered in woodland creatures to decorate a wall, or paint it a deep, dark blue and cover it with stars.

Why not give them a little retreat in their room? You could make a den that is just for them. DesResDesign has some incredible ways for bringing the outdoors into your child’s bedroom. If they love being outside, or you want to encourage their love of the outdoors, why not put up a tree house or tent bed in their room? 

Adding subtle, educational elements to a child’s bedroom is a great way of helping them learn, without them even realising. Make sure their books are accessible to them, and pin up a beautiful map of the world. Blackboard paint is always a winner – select an area of the room and paint a strip of colour using blackboard paint, give the kids some chalks and watch them draw! Make sure there is plenty of wall space available for them to display any artwork they bring home from nursery or school.


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