Silence is golden for British couples and flatmates

Posted 6 March 2015 by Keith Osborne

Living with someone, be it a partner or housemate, should bring the benefit of company and conversation whenever they are home. However, nearly one in 14 (7%) of Brits admit to having gone a week or longer without talking to the people they live with face-to-face, according to new research from 

The findings reveal that nearly a quarter of people (23%) say they live in what they would describe as a ‘quiet’ household, whilst one in 10 (10%) believe their home environment is ‘stressful’. Unfortunately, more than one in 20 Brits (6%) say they don’t particularly like the person or the people they live with, leading to a potentially uncomfortable living situation for many.

Here' our guide to the numbers...

35% usually communicate with those they live with by text
13% use Facebook or email


9% use text or email to communicate between rooms


24% admit to living in a 'quiet' home
20% say they like their own space


6% say they don't like the person they live with
7% have gone a week or more without communicating face-to-face

What do couples and housemates argue about?

Tidying or cleaning - 41% 

Washing up - 17%

Making noise - 17%

What they watch on TV - 17%

Who takes up the most space in the bed - 9%


And finally...

5% admit to having purposely damaged something belonging to a partner or flatmate



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