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WhatHouse? is one of the fastest growing new build property destinations in the UK.

Whether you are targeting first-time buyers, the luxury market or retirees, we are able to match you to the right new home hunters who are buyer-ready.

Our site is fully optimised for both desktop and mobile meaning we can get your developments in front of the right people whether they are searching on the move or from home.

We can promote your developments today.

The marketplace

Our marketplace solutions deliver highly targeted potential house buyers' market segments, getting them to view and enquire about your new build developments and properties. 

Through our range of advertising listing options, we can help your brand stand out from the crowd, increase brand exposure and attract attention from the best possible customer segments that are nearer to making the all-important buying decision. 

Targeted emails

Reach a highly engaged, buyer-ready audience of new home hunters with targeted email campaigns. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, showcase a new portfolio of properties in a particular region or generate new leads for a particular segment, we can help match your developments to the right people.

We only contact users who are ‘actively engaging’ with us over a three-month period, ensuring you get the most cost-effective lead generation and marketing activity from WhatHouse? helping you maximise your ROI.

Our team of in-house experts can optimise your email campaign so it delivers the best results possible.

What you can expect from your advertising

Email Conversion Rate
Consumer targeting
Display banner ROI
Mobile responses

We pride ourselves on planning and executing precise advertising promotions that deliver results and ROI for our advertising partners. Each campaign is carefully planned ensuring your message reaches the right audience and produces the desired results.

Generate leads

Our total focus is to deliver the best display information on the developments and the housebuilder, driving consumer confidence and differentiation in comparison to traditional property portals. 

Take advantage of our cost-effective lead generation marketing solutions today and see how we can add value to your marketing strategy. 

Tenancy agreement

Build awareness and recognition of the developments you want to showcase by taking advantage of our three months of unlimited listings and unlimited leads package.

Take the opportunity to bring your developments to life by displaying interior and exterior shots

Contextual targeting ensures your developments are displayed in front of the right people at the right time. Benefit from location auto-detect, search, discovery and recommendation by location, price, life stage from first-time buyers to retirees. Whatever segment you are looking to target – we’ve got it covered.

Let us do the hard promotional work for you through bespoke social media advertising campaigns, targeting our engaged Facebook and Twitter followers (25,000 reach and growing).

Featured property listings

Attract more attention and ensure new home hunters are aware of your developments by enhancing your presence for your listing in search results.

Like our Tenancy Agreement options, benefit from our unique algorithm that gets your listings in front of people who are looking for a new build home like you have to offer.

Your listing will also appear in both featured and standard search results, meaning you get double the opportunity to impress and convert. 

Brand enhancing display advertising

Stay front-of-mind with an engaged new home hunting audience by promoting your new build properties with site visitors.

Generate more leads with our range of display advertising opportunities such as video MPU, a range of leaderboard slots, newsletter sponsorship and much, much more.

Position your new build developments in front of your target audience (from first-time buyers to retirees, Shared Ownership to luxury)

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